It’s Only an HBO Movie, but Gore Still Lost the 2000 Election

Despite some whining, Democrats and Republicans portrayed in HBO’s Recount say it’s fine, which may be why Bushie James Baker and Democrat Jimmy Carter are hosting a screening.


Republicans have been bracing for HBO’s new movie Recount, about the 2000 Florida face-off between Al Gore and George Bush, but early reviewers tell us it’s a straight shot right up the middle. Sure Katherine Harris, the dressy former Florida secretary of state, takes a few shots, but both sides tell Whispers that the movie set to debut on May 25 doesn’t play to stereotypes. Still, says one familiar with the movie, "the differences between the Republicans and Democrats are shown this way: Republicans work in nicer offices and stay buttoned up. Democrats work in crappy offices and roll up their sleeves." Another, however, said that the movie portrays the Democrats as a bit wimpy and the Republicans as more aggressive, part of the reason former Clinton Secretary of State Warren Christopher whined about his portrayal in today’s New York Times. Either way, HBO says those featured in it, like Bush’s main defender James Baker, are happy with it. Baker likes it so much he’s teaming with former President Jimmy Carter for a screening.