Harry Reid Works It for Charity

Woodward waits in line at the Nevada senator’s book party.


While Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid may know how to throw a party in style, he’s also in it for the buck. And for a good reason. Sales from his new book, The Good Fight, will go to charity. Joined by Senate colleagues Republican John Ensign and Democrats Bob Casey and Chuck Schumer, Reid threw a book party to sell copies of his well-received $25.95 autobio at Washington, D.C.’s only Wolfgang Puck restaurant, The Source, within the newly opened journalism and history museum, the Newseum.

The senator from Searchlight gave a few quick words and then got to signing books. First in line was none other than Bob Woodward, who grabbed a signed copy for his wife’s mom. When asked by our Nikki Schwab if his mother-in-law was a big Harry Reid fan, he retorted, “She likes to read.”

The party was packed, and Reid said there was a good showing from the Senate. But admitting that he’s not a big partier--“You know, I’m not a social guy”--he left before 8:30, possibly to get his two grandchildren (out of 16) back home for bed.