I Want My E-mail Back

President Bush most looks forward to getting his E-mail account back.

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President Bush reveals that when he finally leaves the White House, the first thing he'll do is resume E-mailing his buddies. "I can remember as governor, I could stay in touch with all kinds of people around the country firing off E-mails at all times of the day to stay in touch with my pals," he says in a Yahoo-Politico interview. "One of the things that I will have ended my public service time with is a group of friends, a lot of friends, and I want to stay in touch with them, and there's no better way to stay in touch with them than through E-mail." For security reasons, he booted the computer from the Oval Office, so he's hardly E-mailed his friends over the past seven-plus years. Of course, that means he hasn't been at the receiving end of House and Senate subpoenas for E-mails either, but that's another story.

In the highlight MP3 sent by Yahoo, heard here (or download

iTunes and RSS), he also said he did watch Steve Martin's Father of the Bride for tips to last week's wedding of his daughter Jenna to Henry Hager. What did he take from the movie? "Write the check and be happy."