Yahoo Alert! Obama Buzz Big Entering Elections

Leading into the North Carolina and Indiana primaries, Obama leads in terms of online searches.

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Yahoo tells us why Sen. Barack Obama could pull off a big surprise in tonight's elections. Reason: There is tremendous Internet search buzz on him in both Indiana and North Carolina. Here are Yahoo's details provided to Whispers:

The most recent “search buzz” stats for Indiana and North Carolina

  • Yahoo News Search buzz: Obama’s percentages vs. Clinton:
  • Indiana: Obama 70% (up 9% in past two days) vs. Clinton 29% (down 9% in past two days)
  • Polls show Clinton leading Obama 49% to 44% (as of 5/6/08)
  • Recent local “search buzz” stats for Indiana
  • Bloomington - Obama 75.5% vs. Clinton 24.3%
  • South Bend - Obama 67.8% vs. Clinton 32.2%
  • Indianapolis – Obama 74.8% vs. Clinton 25.5%
  • North Carolina: Obama 71% (down 6% in past two days) vs. Clinton 25% (up 5% in past two days)
  • Polls show Obama leading Clinton 50% to 42% (as of 5/6/08)
  • Recent local “search buzz” stats for North Carolina
  • Raleigh - Obama 79.2% vs. Clinton 20.8%
  • Charlotte - Obama 81.8% vs. Clinton 18.2% 
  • Wilmington - Obama 80.6% vs. Clinton 19.4%
  • Greensboro - Obama 91.2% vs. Clinton 8.8%
  • Asheville - Obama 70.5% vs. Clinton 29.5%
  • Greenville - Obama 66.7% vs. Clinton 33.3%
  • Democratic Candidates Buzz Trends Going Into Indiana and North Carolina

    • National trends: National Buzz scores have remained steady for both candidates throughout April, however, Senator Clinton had a huge spike the day of the Pennsylvania primary and remained very strong the following day. Senator Obama gained Buzz a couple of days prior to the primary and gained very little incremental momentum on the 22nd.  Regardless, his Buzz score among adults remained higher than Clinton’s. Following the primary vote, Clinton saw her Buzz score decline to previous levels, while Obama remained relatively high.
    • Indiana buzz: Among Indiana adults, Obama has consistently outscored Clinton the past month, although Clinton narrowed the lead in recent days similar to prior to the Pennsylvania primary. There was a strong spike for Obama after the April 16th ABC debate, and since Monday, April 28th, both candidates have seen their scores soar and the gap narrow considerably.
    • However, among men in Indiana, Clinton fared considerably better the past several days and actually surpassed Obama’s score on Wednesday the 30th.  Among women, the trend is very similar to adults.
    • Likewise, breaking out older adults 35+, Clinton closed the gap with Obama in the past few days and has a better Buzz performance than she does among total adults.  Obama maintained more of an edge among adults 18-34.
    • North Carolina: Among adults, Obama had an edge most days, but Clinton did spike past Obama on April 12th, and April 22nd through 24th (Pennsylvania primary) and again climbed on the 27th and 28th, but so did Obama who maintained the stronger Buzz.
    • Among men, the Buzz race has been closer in the past few days in North Carolina. While Obama has outscored Clinton on most days, his margin is generally slimmer than it is among all adults or women.
    • Summary: It appears Obama maintains a Buzz lead in both North Carolina and Indiana, albeit a smaller one than he held previously. And among men, he has lost some of his margin and even given up his lead to Clinton on some recent days.   Senator Clinton is also slightly stronger among adults age 35+ than she is among the younger 18-34 set.