Four Presidential Libraries to Be Renovated

Additions and renovations are on tap for several National Archives presidential libraries.

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Four of the 13 presidential libraries operated by the National Archives are slated to undergo some type of renovation or repairs this year owing to expansion needs and crumbling infrastructure. The National Archives plans to spend $20 million on the projects. The biggest is the expansion of the Nixon library. Plans call for a new wing that will hold papers and artifacts housed away from the California facility and tourist attraction. Officials said that they received bids last week and plan to break ground in May. It is expected to take 18 months to build and eight to 10 months more to fill. The money will also be used to finish ongoing repairs at the Johnson library and to finish renovation designs and repairs to the FDR library. Repairs to the FDR facility, in Hyde Park, N.Y., are needed because of water damage in the basement.

Finally, the National Archives plans to build a new wing for the JFK library and museum in Boston. First up will be the purchase of land followed by construction of a new wing.

Officials said that the current facility is stuffed with old papers and artifacts, many of which are stacked in the halls.