The Rolling Stones Bring Liberals and Conservatives Together

David Brock, Grover Norquist, Sen. Byron Dorgan, and Rep. Dennis Kucinich were all on hand for the Shine a Light première.


In the heated political climate of Washington today, there is at least one thing that can bring the left and the right together—the Rolling Stones.

David Brock of the progressive Media Matters and Grover Norquist of the conservative Americans for Tax Reform reached across the aisle Tuesday night to host the bipartisan D.C. première of Shine a Light, the new Martin Scorsese flick documenting the Rolling Stones playing at New York City’s Beacon Theatre. "Everybody likes the Rolling Stones," says Brock. "It’s universal."

Sen. Byron Dorgan and Rep. Dennis Kucinich, accompanied by his wife, Elizabeth, were in the audience. After the screening, Kucinich came out raving about the movie and the Stones. "I loved it. I saw them in Cleveland years ago, and I’ve followed them ever since," Kucinich told our Nikki Schwab. He also pointed out that Elizabeth and the Stones have a connection since they’re both from the United Kingdom.

While most of the attendees headed to a local Chinatown bar for an after-party, the Kuciniches opted out and were spotted smooching two flights down the escalators of the Chinatown movie theater where the première was held.