Out Loud: March 6, 2008

The best quotes of the week.

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"You know, if he wants me to show up, I will. If he wants me to say, 'You know, I'm not for him,' I will. Whatever he wants me to do; I want him to win."

President Bush, endorsing Sen. John McCain as the GOP presidential nominee and offering to help in the campaign

"You know where you get the best baby back ribs? Costco. Seriously, the best."

Sen. John McCain, entertaining reporters at a barbecue

"¡Sí se puede!"

Sen. Barack Obama, in Texas, repeating in Spanish his campaign slogan, "Yes, we can!"

"Maybe I can go into politics once I'm too ugly for Hollywood."

Natalie Portman, actress and costar of The Other Boleyn Girl

"I wish the election was being held tomorrow. I'm bored!"

Tom Hanks, actor and supporter of Sen. Barack Obama

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