Hillary Has Lots of Anti-Media Company

New survey shows Americans think the press is out of touch.

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Sen. Hillary Clinton and her team aren't the only ones who hate the press. A new poll from our buddy John Zogby finds that 67 percent of Americans think the media are out of touch with what they want. What's more, the Internet is king and is now the primary news source for 48 percent of the nation. Only those 65 and older favor a primary news source other than the Internet. It's amazing stuff for sure and is one reason why media outlets like U.S. News are shifting to the Web and moving to deliver more news readers want. Other notable findings in the study:

—Although the vast majority of Americans are dissatisfied with the quality of journalism (64 percent), overall satisfaction has increased to 35 percent in this survey from 27 percent in 2007.

—Both traditional and new media are viewed as important for the future of journalism—87 percent believe professional journalism has a vital role to play in the nation's future, although citizen journalism (77 percent) and blogging (59 percent) are also seen as significant by most Americans.

—Very few Americans (1 percent) consider blogs their most trusted source of news or their primary source of news (1 percent).

—Three in four (75 percent) believe the Internet has had a positive impact on the overall quality of journalism.

—Sixty-nine percent believe media companies are becoming too large and powerful to allow for competition, while 17 percent believe they are the right size to adequately compete.

—More Republicans (79 percent) than Democrats (50 percent) feel disenchanted with the media.