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We're getting swamped by letters from Senator Clinton, but one has us wondering if her campaign is dreaming. It says, "The Race Is On!"

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When is a wave of snail mail and E-mail from a national politician a sign of desperation and when is it an indication of a stunning comeback? Here's a sign. Among the three letters we received from Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign in a week, one announced that "The Race Is On" right as the national press is suggesting it's over.

"With so much at stake, I know that I can count on you," she pens, while soliciting $50. Even the envelope announces that "The Race Is On":

Then there's the letter from Chelsea Clinton looking for help in next week's primary elections. "You know my mom is working her heart out," she tells us. Finally, check out Bubba's plea for cash to air a Clinton ad. "We have to give Hillary the resources she needs to make this a fair fight," Bill Clinton, the original Comeback Kid, urges. Whether it's a last-ditch effort to fund a comeback or a sign of renewed life in the Clinton campaign we don't know, but one thing is for sure: The mailman will be happy when this campaign is over.