Out Loud: February 15, 2008

Best quotes of the week.

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"That is just rubbish, just excavated from someone's nose and then spread on those bits of paper."

Vladimir Putin, Russia's president, decrying news reports that he is wealthy

"I want to reassure the French. I am 40, I am normal, serious, conscientious, simple, even if I am privileged."

Carla Bruni, who just married French President Nicolas Sarkozy, deflecting critical stories about her lifestyle and love life

"Barack. Feel—don't think!"

Michelle Obama, wife and adviser of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, saying he overthinks in debates

"Since it's Valentine's Day, I want to mention a woman who's here with me tonight and the love of my life—Nancy Pelosi."

Rep. Rahm Emanuel, a House Democratic leader, in a well-received comedy performance at a media dinner

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