Svedka Girl: Make Cocktails, Not War

Vodka maker's "fembot" plans to put the party back in politics on Super Tuesday.


After the longest presidential election in history, we'll all need a stiff one to celebrate. But Svedka vodka and its sexy fembot, "Svedka Grl," aren't waiting. Come February 5's Super-Duper Tuesday, when nearly two dozen states hold primary elections, Svedka is hosting New York and Washington galas to promote its bid to "put a fembot in the White House." Like any good politician, Svedka Grl robs the best themes from the competition.

Just consider the name of her bus: the Straight Shot Express. While other campaigns bring voters to the polls, "I promise to pick up voters from the polls and drive them to the party." There she'll serve the "Cosmo-Politician" and the "Global Cooler." And she'll push some reasonable positions: "Make cocktails, not war," and "Make handbags tax deductible." While she's late to the race, Svedka officials promise that she'll have her Web page up and running soon.