It's a Question of Trust and Experience

The Republicans reveal some new internal polling that shows a trust issue facing Hillary Clinton and a question of experience for Barack Obama.

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Well, we are finally getting a good idea of how the Republican Party plans to play against Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama should either one win the Democratic presidential nomination. For Clinton, it will be about trust, taxes, and liberal politics; for Obama, a simple question of experience. We chatted with Republican Party boss Mike Duncan today and he called Clinton a "lifelong liberal politician with some baggage." And, he added, that baggage has been collected by his opposition research team for use should she win. As for Obama, he called the rookie Illinois senator a nice talker but a poor provider of details.

"His rhetoric is very good," said Duncan, "but at the end of the speech, where's the beef?"

Duncan came armed with polling, which is below, that suggests that registered voters fear they can't trust Clinton and they believe she'll raise taxes. On Obama, they don't know if he's got the right stuff to be the commander in chief. Check it out yourself:

Polling points based on internal RNC numbers:


  • 49 percent of voters agree that Clinton is "honest and trustworthy."
  • 65 percent of voters agree that Clinton "will say or do anything to get elected."
  • 68 percent of voters agree that Clinton "will raise their taxes."
  • Obama:

    • 40 percent of voters agree that Obama "has the experience necessary to be commander in chief."
    • 49 percent of voters agree that Obama "has a record of accomplishment."
    • 19 percent of voters say that they are "very familiar" with Obama's "position on the issues."
    • 44 percent of voters agree that Obama "can unite Democrats and Republicans in Washington."
    • (800 registered voters, polled January 13 to 15.)