Out Loud: January 3, 2008

The best quotes of the week.


"Not very fun, is it? The news today just conjures up some frightening possibilities. Happy New Year."

James Paulsen, Wells Capital Management chief investment strategist, on oil prices, the Dow's drop, and the slowing economy

"The older you get, the less clothes you need. Your blood thickens."

Bill Clinton, in Iowa, on how he survives the chills of campaigning in the winter

"Red Bull—that stuff's nasty."

John Edwards, offered one of the pep drinks while campaigning tirelessly in Iowa. He prefers Sprite.

"People ask me, 'Do you believe in resurrection?' Of course, I do. Dead people vote in every election we have in Arkansas. Resurrection is real to us!"

Mike Huckabee, former Arkansas governor and Baptist preacher, now a GOP presidential candidate

Sources: Washington Post, Examiner, ABC Political Radar, New York Times