Capitol Bobbles Sales Mimic Polls

Forget the presidential polls. The sales of the Capitol Bobbles mimic the popularity of the major candidates.

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The Capitol Bobbles, our Internet video feature,  aren't just a hit on YouTube. They're also hot gifts. Jeff Wolsky of our bobble maker says the sales seem to mimic the national preference polls of the candidates we feature at Which means that Democrats Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama are tied in sales, and Mike Huckabee is the GOP favorite. Between them, they make up over half of the sales of the Capitol Bobbles, which feature 11 presidential candidates and the four top Hill leaders.

Here's Wolsky's list:

Hillary Clinton19%Barack Obama18%Mike Huckabee12%Rudy Giuliani9%Fred Thompson8%Bill Richardson6%Mitt Romney6%John McCain5%Nancy Pelosi4%John Edwards3%John Boehner3%Harry Reid3%Joe Biden2%Mitch McConnell1%Chris Dodd1%