Partying Like It's 2008


They don't agree on much, but there's one event even the Iowa Republican and Democratic parties are coming together on: partying on New Year's Eve. Better yet, we get to go! Carrie Giddins, spokesperson for the Iowa Democratic Party, and her counterpart, Mary Tiffany, at the Iowa Republican Party, are throwing a New Year's Eve party for the swarms of media folk who will be spending the bulk of the holiday season in the Hawkeye State reporting in the days leading up to the all-important January 3 caucuses.

The E-vite says it all: "And you thought you'd have nothing to do but work on New Year's Eve in Des Moines! Put down your laptops, notebooks and cameras on the 31st and head over to the Temple for Performing Arts. There will be yummy Iowa Hors d'Oeuvres, tasty drinks, a champagne toast at midnight and music to get your groove on." Oh, it's also a cash bar, so fret not media watchdogs worried we can be bought for a Raccoon River Bandit IPA.

Giddins E-mailed us: "Mary Tiffany and I decided that with the caucuses so close to NYE's, reporters would be looking for something to do in Des Moines that night. We came together on this endeavor without the parties but recognizing that our positions put us in a place that we should play host that evening and what better way than a great party in downtown Des Moines. We plan to highlight Iowa foods—Maytag blue cheese, corn dogs, pork chops and more. This is not a rare bipartisan moment, after all we are working on caucus night together, but a chance to make sure reporters have a good time in Iowa on NYE before a sprint through the nominating calendar."

And kudos also to, the media concierge service.