Out Loud: November 9, 2007

The week's best quotes.


"'I believe in tax cuts.' Whoop-de-do. It's nothing very creative and new, and the electorate is so used to these shopworn clichés that that won't be sufficient."

Don Sipple, GOP strategist, on GOP economic prescriptions

"I would consider Joe Biden for anything. He's a friend.... I'm one of Joe's biggest fans."

Sen. Hillary Clinton, on whether she would consider Sen. Joseph Biden of Delaware as a vice presidential running mate

"No. No. I promise, no....I'm not looking for a ceremonial post."

Sen. Joseph Biden, presidential candidate, on chances he would take a veep slot if Clinton wins the party nod

"It is impossible to change decades of mediocrity in 3 1 /2 years."

Gov. Ernie Fletcher, on the challenges of governing in Kentucky. He was defeated last week.

Sources: Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, CNN, Ashland Daily Independent