Out Loud: Nov. 2, 2007


"If you asked me in a phone call, as ardent a Democrat as I am, I would disapprove of Congress as well."

Nancy Pelosi, House speaker, agreeing with public disapproval of the Democratic-controlled Congress

"I don't think he should have been arrested, but it's more likely than not that he was interested in sex."

Rep. Barney Frank, an openly gay House member, on Sen. Larry Craig's arrest for soliciting sex in an airport men's room

"This is the first bona fide genocide of the 21st century. Are we to stand idly by?"

Mira Sorvino, an actress who is active in the effort to endthe crisis in Darfur

"I don't want to be compared with Hillary Clinton or with Evita Perón, or with anybody."

Cristina Kirchner, elected to replace her husband, Argentine President Néstor Kirchner

Sources: AP, Politico, Capitol File, BBC