A Bipartisan Ticket? Now That's Funny!


Last week's media star-studded debut of XM Satellite Radio's new POTUS '08 presidential politics station featured comic Lewis Black in his inimitable, profanity-laced manner. Our Liz Halloran ambled up to get his views on the current Republican and Democratic presidential front-runners. No surprise: Black said everybody stinks.

"There's a void in leadership in the Democratic Party," the Grammy winner and regular ranter on Comedy Central's The Daily Show With Jon Stewart told her. "How does not one of them stop and become the voice of the party?" Here's Black on the candidates, with expletives deleted:

—Republican Rudy Giuliani: "And you thought that Bush was arrogant? Giuliani is the most arrogant man I've ever seen."

—Democrat Hillary Clinton: "Don't tell me she's really nice as a person."

—Democrat Barack Obama: "Even Obama's not talking to me. I don't need to hear about the white house on the hill; I needed him to be there in the past year."

Is there anyone he could see himself voting for in '08? "I'd like to see a Democrat and Republican run together," Black said. Who? "Chuck Hagel with anyone."