Out Loud: October 19, 2007


"Matt, I use bathrooms for bathrooms' sake."

Sen. Larry Craig, discussing his bid to overturn a guilty plea in a men's room sex sting with NBC's Matt Lauer

"I'm still adjusting because I don't like going to church for three hours every Sunday."

Ann Romney, wife of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, on her long-ago conversion to Mormonism

"I've got all sorts of rogues in my background."

Sen. Barack Obama, Democratic presidential hopeful, on his genealogical link to Dick Cheney, revealed by the vice president's wife, Lynne

"Occasionally my age comes up. And that's why I have to take her with me wherever I go."

Sen. John McCain, a Republican presidential candidate, joking on having his 95-year-old mother accompany him

"This one cost me $9."

John Edwards, Democratic candidate for president, on the price of his last haircut

Sources: MSNBC, NBC/National Journal, Tonight Show, Charlotte Observer, New York Times