First Pet Plays Secret Agent Man

News on the presidential pets.

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Here's a little intelligence from the White House doghouse. First K-9 Barney has turned into such a snooping watchdog that aides to the president joke that his Scottie is on the security team. "He thinks he's part of the Secret Service," says a Bushie. Then there's first lady Laura Bush's younger Scottish terrier, Miss Beazley. No watchdog stuff here, say aides. She spends her day digging around for stuff, especially on the South Lawn. Both like the soccer ball, though an insider says the younger Beazley "has a little bit more kick in her paws." Then there's Mrs. Bush's little secret: Even though Beazley likes to lounge on the first lady's lap, the truth is that she's not top dog. Mrs. Bush is partial to Kitty, the first family's black cat.