The Nanny Is for Hillary-Obama

Whaaat, you didn't think she did politics? Well, Fran Drescher, aka the Nanny, lives and breathes politics, and she tells us who would be her White House dream team.

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                                                Fran, who turns 50 Sunday, gets a cake at Teatro Goldoni.

Please don't stereotype Fran Drescher, the famed star of The Nanny, as ditzy actress. To say she gets Washington is an understatement. She's such a regular that they know her well at two of the city's best restaurants, Cafe Milano and Teatro Goldoni, she's made the Georgetown Ritz-Carlton a rival of the Four Seasons for Hollywood star overnights, and she's blazed a bipartisan path on Capitol Hill to promote women's healthcare.

But she's really interested in the presidential race. As a $2,300 contributor to Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign, Drescher is onboard the front-runner's bid. She told us her dream team should Clinton win: for vice president, Sen. Barack Obama.

"If he wasn't married with children, I'd do him in a New York minute," she gushes. And she predicts Obama would be elected president after, of course, Hillary serves two terms. "He'd be so seasoned and ready." Former President Bill Clinton would serve as a global ambassador. "I see him as a global statesman." And Al Gore as the world's environmental advocate—maybe in a new cabinet position. "That's my dream team," she told me.

                                                                      Drescher with our Paul Bedard.