Spying Patriots Are the Talk at CIA

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It takes a rare football fan to endorse spying amid the current scandal swirling around the New England Patriots. But we've found one: CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden. While celebrating the agency's 60th birthday, he went on hometown radio station WDVE to brag about his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers, where a host brought up the Pats affair. Hayden said that it's the talk of the agency. "Spying is a good thing for some organizations," he said. "It's just a bad thing if you're an NFL football team." At the birthday barbecue later that day, former President George H.W. Bush toasted the agency he once ran with some cheerleading. He decried "doomsayers who know so little about what you do," adding: "That really burns me up." And even though nearly half the 1,500 barbecue-goers weren't born when Bush ran Langley in the 1970s, he received a standing O.