Strumming for Votes

GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee wins a big endorsement: He's sitting in with a popular New Hampshire rock band as he tours the first primary state.

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Mike Huckabee might have just hit a winning campaign strategy—playing with local bands on the campaign trail. During the last week of September, he'll sit in and play bass guitar with New Hampshire's popular local band Mama Kicks, a classic rock group that often has guest musicians strum along. Music is big in Huck World and a helpful crutch on the campaign trail. Huckabee's own band, Capitol Offense, is tentatively scheduled to play the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa, in late October, reports our Suzi Parker.

"That'll be cool," Huckabee says. "Music is the one language that cuts across all cultures and nationalities. It can bring a smile or a tear when done well, and frankly, can bring a different kind of smile or tear when it's done poorly, but it evokes from us our deepest emotions and passions."