The Wall Is Attacked

Jan Scruggs of the Vietnam Memorial Fund tells us somebody sprayed "the wall" with oil. Thankfully, it can be cleaned off.

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Who Damaged 'the Wall'?

The U.S. Park Police are on the hunt for whoever sprayed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall and paving stones with light oil last week. Jan Scruggs, head of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, says the oil was discovered Friday.

"We really don't know who did it," says fund spokeswoman Lisa Gough. "The most important thing is that the National Park Service says they will be able to remove it all, so there will be no lasting damage."

The wall has been around for 25 years and is often where families and friends of veterans leave pictures, flowers, and other trinkets. But assaults on the wall are rare.

Scruggs says support for the investigation has been good.

"While it is unclear what transpired, we are heartened by the response of the veterans' community and the general public," he said in a release. "After 25 years, their connection to the Wall remains as strong as ever and we appreciate that."