Out Loud: September 9, 2007


"We're kicking ass."

President Bush, to Australian Deputy Prime Minister Mark Vaile, when asked about his trip to Iraq en route to Sydney

"Thanks for the question, you little jerk. You're drafted."

Sen. John McCain, in a humorous response to a high schooler who asked if the 71-year-old Republican might die or get sick in office because of his age if elected president

"We have this ritual in the morning. They come in my bed, and Dad isn't there—because he's too snorey and stinky, they don't want to ever get into bed with him. But we cuddle up, and we talk about everything from what is a period to the big topic of when we get a dog: What kind?"

Michelle Obama, on mornings with her daughters and how she hopes they still view her as "just Mommy"

Sources: Sydney Morning Herald, New York Times, Glamour