Dennis Miller Fights 'Buzz Kill' Talk Radio

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He's done comedy, tv, Monday Night Football, movies, and books, but Dennis Miller is fast finding that the best place to rant is talk radio. "It's my form of improv," he tells us. And the radio public seems to agree. After just five months on the air, Miller's Westwood One show has spread to 119 markets with his mix of Tinseltown tips, sports, and Cuisinart blend of politics that verges on libertarianism. For example, he's against abortion but doesn't preach. "Who am I to tell strangers about conceiving life?"

Miller says he jumped when the show was offered but then had to figure out a game plan. His catchy format: Stream of consciousness on news headlines from the Drudge Report, his fave site, and other outlets, listener calls, and guests chats. "I do believe you can't make it a complete success after four months," he says, "but you can f- - - it up irrevocably after four months." He's studied talk radio and thinks liberal hosts are a "buzz kill." Miller explains: "It begins to catch up to them that they are so unhappy with their country." He's big on politics, down on global warming, up on the war, and backs gop presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani. "I think he's the least neurotic guy we have about pre-emptively killing the enemy."

So is radio it for the 53-year-old? "I hope this is the last job I have. I'd like to take it into the barn. I dig it."