What a time to be Rahm Emanuel


Seriously, folks, is it great being Rep. Rahm Emanuel or what? Best known for working to get Democrats back in control of the House in 2006 and a good bet to be speaker one day, the Chicagoan is the subject of a book and now two men's fashion magazines. "It's a great time to be with him," says one associate. "He's the man." And, say friends, he's arguably the most important and influential former aide to Bill Clinton in Washington. Consider: Emanuel's being heralded in The Thumpin ' , a book that explores how the lawmaker won back the House. And this month, GQ puts him 17th in its list of the 50 most important people in Washington. And Esquire names him to its best-dressed list. Check out the magazine write-ups:

From GQ:

# 17 of the 50 most powerful people in Washington.

"Rahm Emanuel, 47, Democratic congressman, Illinois

"Democratic freshmen have to listen to him because he got them an office on Capitol Hill. Veteran Democrats have to listen to him because he delivered their majority. And when this Chitown tough runs for speaker one day, they'll all have to vote for him. Because he'll eat their children if they don't."

From Esquire:

No. 21 of the best-dressed

"47, congressman, Democratic fixer

"The look: Boxy pinstripe suits and take-no-prisoners posturing.

"The take-away: If you're on the short side (like this guy) and enjoy a good tussle (also like this guy), pinstripes can help make you look taller."