The P.U. Factor in Money Politics


Bob Shrum, the political guru who helped Sen. John Kerry in the 2004 presidential race, tells us that it stinks to campaign on the cheap. The No Excuses: Confessions of a Serial Campaigner author tells this story: Though Kerry spent about half his $12 million fortune, his bank was bare early on. "Even after we won Iowa and the money started coming in, we had just enough money to go through New Hampshire," says Shrum. In the Granite State, he and Kerry stayed in a rustic inn. "It didn't have a breakfast room; you got coffee out of a little machine that didn't work a good deal of the time. And one morning he's banging on my door ... and I open it and there's John Kerry in chinos and a T-shirt and he says, 'Do you have any hot water?' And I said, 'Well, I assume I do.' So I go in the bathroom and, no, I don't have any hot water. He doesn't have any hot water. So we campaigned through the day hoping our deodorant held."