Fred Thompson's Smokin' Angle

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Remember when we revealed the secret to being a very modern president?

Smoking vintage cigars made by Paul Garmirian? Well, you can add likely GOP presidential hopeful Fred Thompson to the group, which includes former Presidents Bush and Clinton, the current President Bush, and two presidential candidates, Democrat Bill Richardson and Republican Rudy Giuliani.

How do we know? We saw the former actor and Tennessee senator put one in his mouth, the gift of our pal Jed Babbin, editor of Human Events. It came after a media dinner last week put on by the American Spectator. Babbin, a PG smoker himself, gave Thompson three of his favorites: a vintage 1991 Corona Grande, a 2004 Corona, and a little Bombones maduro Garmirian made at Babbin's suggestion.

Now Thompson says he doesn't actually smoke. Like former CIA Director George Tenet, he prefers to chew on his stogies. What? You didn't know Thompson was into cigars? Well, check out his video hit on Hollywood's Michael Moore.