OutLoud - June 3, 2007


"I dream of playing basketball."

Sen. Barack Obama, a longtime fan of pickup hoops

"I feel like I've been attending my own funeral."

Rev. Billy Graham, who was feted by three former presidents at the dedication of his library

"The Mormonism thing is really suspect, but they'll take it at this point. I mean, who else do they have? Crazy [Rudy] Giuliani and [John] McCain, who's completely insane?"

Ben Affleck, the actor who backed Sen. John Kerry in 2004, on why Republicans will nominate Mitt Romney for president

"We've kept our marriage secret for over a decade now."

Steve Jobs, Apple boss, joking about rival Bill Gates of Microsoft in a rare discussion where he also praised Gates for his philanthropy

Sources: New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Herald, Wall Street Journal