Riding Shotgun: Rudy Over Hillary or Simon

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King of the roads mapmaker Rand McNally tells us, so it must be true: Americans would rather take a road trip with GOP presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani than Democratic front-runner Sen. Hillary Clinton. Rand McNally's new survey suggests that it's not even close on who we'd rather have in the shotgun seat. Some 26 percent choose Rudy, compared with 18 percent for Hillary. And when the question is reversed to which drivers we'd least like to ride with, Hillary tops the list at 52 percent. Of course, the Rand McNally folks don't explain the results, and I can't imagine that the figures would stay as high for Rudy if he lit up one of his favorite cigars.

Other findings:

-- Men and women think the other stinks at directions. Sixty-two percent of men say women are more likely to get lost while 80 percent of women say men are more likely to get lost.

-- Men want Paris Hilton in the passenger seat (maybe on the way home from jail).

-- Ellen DeGeneres tops the celeb list of those we want to ride with.

-- Mouthy American Idol judge Simon Cowell may be popular on the tube, but a tiny 7 percent would want him buckled into the front seat.