Fred Thompson Blogs for Support

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As if he hasn't teased voters enough about his likely presidential bid, TV's Fred Thompson is now blogging for support and hinting that his backers will soon hear more about his plans. He went up on the Pajamas Media site this week to thank supporters for giving him six victories in the PJM Presidential Straw Polls.

"So," he blogged, "I hear you all have been talking about me." Referring to the poll, the former Tennessee senator said, "The Pajamas Media poll is certainly good news, especially when, for a lot of politicians, encouragement to run from three relatives and an unemployed campaign consultant is considered an unstoppable groundswell."

He added that he respects the Internet, calling it a "true information revolution," and promised to continue blogging with his potential presidential support team. "Hopefully we'll continue the conversation," he teased.

Aides have been suggesting for weeks that Thompson is readying his run for the White House and might get into the race by the end of summer.