Is McCain's Autograph Worth $200?

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For lots of word guys and gals like us in the media, little is as cool as getting a signed book, especially an autobiography. I've got a bunch, though don't ask me where I've put them. Even attended former CIA Director George Tenet's book party at Georgetown University this month to get his John Hancock.

Faith of My FathersJohn McCain/HarperNaturally, I forgot my copy at the office, but they had some freebies already signed, and I grabbed two and hurried over to Bill Harlow, the coauthor of At the Center of the Storm, for his ballpoint signature. So you can imagine how intriguing it was to me and probably others around the country when GOP presidential candidate Sen. John McCain offered in an E-mail today to send an autographed copy of his Faith of My Fathers. The catch: Pony up a minimum $200 contribution. Hmmm. Can't do that, being a reporter and all. But it got me thinking. What's a signed copy worth? Well, on eBay the top price is $50. That's just for his signature. Add the signature of his wife, Cindy, and it drops, oddly, to $35. That's not so good.

Sen. Hillary Clinton doesn't do much better, getting about the same price for her bio.

Sen. Barack Obama's Dreams From My Father does better, reaching $100.