Sunday Is for Campaigning

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Josh RomneyJosh Romneymittromney.comProbably the best part of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's website is the blog written by his five sons. Five Brothers is mostly trip reports from the guys as they travel the country on behalf of their dad. Nothing controversial here, though it has become a bit more lively recently. A new posting comes from Romney's granddaughter Allie, who 'fessed that she was surprised that her "grandpa" could answer every question during an "Ask Mitt Anything" event. And, she adds, he did it "without even a pause." And son Craig took an interesting question this week: Being Mormon, can Romney campaign on Sunday?

Ashton KutcherAshton KutcherAPWrites Craig: "We went to church every Sunday growing up. Everyone in my family continues to go to church every week when possible. Traveling and campaigning can take a toll in church attendance, especially on my dad, but we all strive to be there every Sunday." This is actually a big deal in the church, though it's not like Romney's breaking any kind of rule. In fact, he could argue that he's actually following the rules to spend the day in part helping to teach others.

And while you're on the website, check out bro Josh's page. Doesn't he look like Ashton Kutcher?