Hollywood Lands in Washington

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Bill Paxton stars in HBO's Big LoveBill Paxton on Big LoveCredit: HBO -- www.hbo.com/bigloveThis weekend is the big one in Washington journalism and political circles: The annual White House Correspondents' Association annual dinner takes place Saturday.

You know the one, where the president is feted by reporters who every other day of the year toss barbs at his White House.

And it's the party that's given birth to huge before and after events, like the brunch blowout hosted by famed MSNBC producer Tammy Haddad and the after parties of Capitol File, Bloomberg, and Vanity Fair. Naturally, lots of Hollywood types who like politics are showing up. But it's not just the only time actors come to Washington, which is fast becoming a hub of moviemaking and tourist destination for the glamorous.

Two examples: Just yesterday we passed Bill Paxton of Titanic, Apollo 13, and Twister fame as he strolled the streets of Georgetown. Man, he's tall. And on Capitol Hill, at Charlie Palmer's steakhouse, we found British actors Derek Jacobi of Gladiator and I, Claudius dining with Lynn Redgrave.