Who Knew? Teddy's a Lobsterman


We've been eagerly awaiting our press preview copy of In the Kennedy Kitchen, by family chef Neil Connolly, figuring it would have some tasty fish and lobster recipes. It arrived last week, and it's full of great Cape Cod menus. But you won't believe how Connolly got those lobsters for his bisque and stew.

"My second year working for the Kennedys, the Senator [Edward Kennedy] came up with an idea," recalls Connolly. "'Neil,' he said to me one afternoon, 'why don't we get some lobster traps for the harbor?'" They got a license, 12 traps, and painted Styrofoam buoys blue and white, "Kennedy's colors."

He says Kennedy liked to check the lobster pots himself and "when we were lucky, I'd often boil a lobster or two right away for salads ... "