Tony Snow, Best of the Boomers


Nobody loves the baby boomers more than the baby boomers, so it shouldn't be a surprise that one of the generation's notables, White House spokesman Tony Snow, takes a center-stage role in PBS's two-hour special, The Boomer Century 1946–2046, on March 28. It will show three pics of Snow: as a kid, playing his rock flute, and dressed up as the prez's spokesman. He comes across well—not too boomer-boosterish—though he says, "What you have with baby boomers is a kind of sense of excitement about life that distinguishes us a little bit from other generations." One example: trying several jobs. The newsman and radio host turned spokesman says, "I've been through about six different careers and I'll go through one or two more before I'm done." Then there's his rock band. "If I didn't have that band, I'd be playing the room and disturbing my wife and neighbors."