Out Loud

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"St. Patrick's Day is an occasion that unites two distinct groups of Americans: those who are of Irish descent, and those who wish they were."

President Bush, during his annual White House meeting with Ireland’s Prime Minister Bertie Ahern

"Now I wake up in the morning and say, 'Who do I hate today?'"

Helen Thomas, the former UPI White House correspondent, on her role as a columnist

"I prove the fact that there's no literacy test to run for office."

Rep. Dennis Rehberg, Montana Republican, joking during a hearing on education issues

"It should be S-h-a-i-k-h or S-h-e-i-k-h, but not S-h-a-y-k-h.


Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the admitted 9/11 mastermind, on the spelling of his name during his closed military hearing

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