Tennis Shoes for the Troops


Our friend Jan Scruggs, head of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, is on a mission to help field a properly equipped U.S. soccer team in Iraq. He just sent over an E-mail from an Army captain who described how his unit in Iraq likes to take breaks by playing soccer but needs some gear, like sneakers.

In his E-mail to Scruggs, Capt. David Moses spelled out the situation:

"Honestly, anything that you could send will be appreciated and would help elevate their morale. I specifically thought about getting them soccer uniforms and shoes. You know, whenever we take a break from conducting Combat Patrol Missions, I watch these guys play soccer in combat uniforms with bare feet on solid rocks. It was kind of rough for me to see them like that, that's why I decided to try to find a sponsor. Therefore, any assistance that you provide will really be great."

Scruggs writes:

"Please send your new or old tennis shoes to U.S. Army Captain Moses. His men are seeing considerable combat. They need tennis shoes. They enjoy playing soccer together and with Iraqi kids. So send any athletic equipment new or old–TODAY. Just do it. Thank You. He and his men would do the same for you if you were in combat. Pass this on to 10 people and you will have good luck for 12 months. Send a pair of tennis shoes today and you will have excellent luck for 18 months."

Said Scruggs: "Who among us can say no to Moses?"

If you want to help, here's the address:

Capt. David Moses

MTR MiTT 2107
An Nummaniyah-Scania
APO AE 09331