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"I'm pro-American, pro-democracy. I'm pro-government. I follow my boss. He's my boss; that's the way it goes."

Pat Riley, coach of the Miami Heat, referring to Bush while being honored at the White House for the team's 2006 NBA title

"You know you drag this out as long as you can. ... You've got to do it over and over."

Sen. John McCain, telling Late Show host David Letterman about his plans to announce for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination over several weeks

"We did try buying a Powerball ticket."

Tom Vilsack, the former Democratic presidential candidate, joking about poor fundraising

"It's a pain in the you-know-what."

Tony Snow, the White House spokesman, on his previous colon cancer, during an event where he and others were honored by Great Comebacks, a program for cancer victims to share stories

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