Eat the Press

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Horton's Kids is a great little charity that helps poor children in Washington's crummy neighborhoods get some tutoring, mentoring, and even healthcare.

And while it doesn't get much press, the media seem to love it. At least, that's the impression from the group's Second Annual Silent Auction being held this Saturday. The list of reporters offering themselves up for lunches with donors is diverse: Fox's Bret Baier, famous for his weight loss; the formerly bow-tied Tucker Carlson; New Yorker bigs Jane Mayer and Jeffrey Goldberg; news babes Suzanne Malveaux of CNN and Norah O'Donnell of NBC; and our fave, the Politico's gossip princess, Anne Schroeder.

Included: lunch with the media figure and your guest at either Chef Geoff's Uptown, Chef Geoff's Downtown, Lia's Restaurant, Bistro Bis, the Oval Room, or the Monocle. But that's not all. The list is long and really stunning for all the cool stuff. Like a seat in the control room of George Stephanopoulos's This Week, box seats to the circus, a Kate Spade scarf, and even American Idol tickets. The Saturday event is being held at a supporter's home.