The Book on the Mormon Problem

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The big debate is finally here: Will Mitt Romney's Mormonism kill him in the mainstream Christian-voting gop presidential primaries? We think we've got a source who knows: conservative pundit and radio host Hugh Hewitt. "He, and the country, definitely have a 'Mormon problem,'" Hewitt tells us, "but not an insurmountable one." In a new book out in mid-March, Hewitt takes an in-depth look at Romney's life. And for Regnery Publishing's A Mormon in the White House? 10 Things Every American Should Know About Mitt Romney, Hewitt even quizzed the former Massachusetts guv. His conclusion: "I don't even think it will be the biggest obstacle in his path to the Republican nomination." He did find a major hurdle, he teases, "though I will wait until publication in early March to discuss that."