Out Loud


"My answer to him is, 'Look, don't pay attention to it. I'm doing fine.' "

President Bush, offering advice to his father, the former president, who gets emotional when his son is criticized

"It is like sending your sweetheart Valentine's Day roses with divorce papers."

Rep. Tom Feeney, Florida Republican, on Democratic moves to back the troops while also passing legislation condemning the war in Iraq

"BlackBerrys don't make babies."

Susan Whitson, first lady Laura Bush's spokeswoman, on why she's giving up her 24/7 job in the White House to start a family

"When you analyze a beehive, there's one queen, 20,000 drones, and 70,000 workers. And it's not an accident."

Kathleen Walsh Carr, president of Cardinal Bank Washington, on being a woman who won the Washington Post's 2006 Local Economy Challenge to predict growth

Sources: C-Span, Politico, Opelika-Auburn News, Washington Post