His and Her Meals for Bill and Hillary

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Maybe that copresidency talk in the early days of the Clinton presidency wasn't so far off. New details from an unusual source suggest that the tag-team presidency even filtered down to the kitchen. Former White House pastry chef Roland Mesnier tells us that Bill and Hillary Clinton held his and her business meals: He morning confabbed to raise cash; she policy-lunched. "Our early impressions¬óthat we were serving two presidents instead of one¬ówere confirmed," he writes in the new All The Presidents' Pastries: Twenty-Five Years in the White House. More Clinton tidbits: The fave Christmas dessert is an "atrocious concoction" of Coca-Cola-flavored jelly served with black glacé cherries; Bubba ignored his allergies and ate chocolate cake, barking, "I'm the president around here" and Hillary used to don disguises to walk around Washington. Oh, and a hint to anybody serving sweets to the current first family: Laura Bush is sick of chocolate-covered strawberries, says Mesnier, who left in 2004.

With Dan Gilgoff, Linda Robinson, Angie C. Marek, and Suzi Parker