The Future of Politics in an iPod

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It wasn't long ago that we told you of how the Democrats and Republicans were preparing a new way to reach voters in 2008 through their mobile technology and iPods. Well, now we know why. Republican pollster David Winston tells us that new research found that 40 percent of 2006 voters ages 18 to 34 own iPods. And many don't make time to watch lots of tv, choosing instead to TiVo their faves or record podcasts. So what will be the best way to reach those critical voters in 2008? Through their iPods, he says, especially when the mp3s go wireless. "That's the next environment," he predicts, "where people will get their information." His tip to the pols: Make the ads riveting. The best example: losing Maryland Senate candidate Michael Steele's family-focused tv ads, some of which featured a cute Boston terrier.