Off to Auction: Limousine One


Talk about a belated Christmas present with a wow factor. If you can wait a few weeks and have up to $1 million to burn, the first armored presidential limo—built for FDR—is going up for auction to the highest bidder. The 1942 Lincoln, which also lugged Harry S. Truman around, has been in private hands for 44 years and rarely seen. But RM Auctions tells us it'll be rolled out at its annual sale at the Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa in Phoenix on January 19. This car is a beaut: black with chrome and fitted with bulletproof glass and steel plating. It was the first armored car built just for the White House, a requirement after Pearl Harbor. RM Auctions is the same group that auctioned FDR's borrowed limo, Al Capone's Caddy. That went for $621,000.