From Fatty to TKE

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Forget Skull and Bones. Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is going TKE–Tau Kappa Epsilon. The fraternity is initiating Huckabee into their fold tomorrow in Little Rock, reports our Suzi Parker. Why Huckabee?

"He is, of course, a very impressive man, a dignified public servant. We look to men of high character and bring them into our brotherhood," says Kevin Mayeux, Tau Kappa Epsilon's CEO. During the initiation, Huckabee will learn about the fraternity's values and its history. He'll also learn the fraternity's secret handshake.

Ronald Reagan is the only president to have been a TKE. Only one Supreme Court Justice: Charles Whittaker. Mayeux said that over the years many other great leaders in politics and in their communities have been initiated, including some governors and members of the Senate and House. Huckabee will become fraternity brothers with numerous CEOs, including those from Home Depot, Circuit City, and Starbucks.

Huckabee might consider looking to the TKEs during fundraising efforts for a White House bid. The TKEs are on 270 college campuses, making them the largest fraternity in the country. When asked why the fraternity may have chosen him, Huckabee says: "'Cause like Reagan, I'm a former radio sports announcer who is a conservative Repub; like Elvis, I am a rock-and-roller who used to be fat."