Is Vilsack the Don of '08?


It's not often you hear presidential candidates make orphan jokes, but since he is one, Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack has earned a certain right. It came today during a policy-heavy interview with U.S. News at his Washington campaign offices, where he has been hosting lots of media during his first-week hello tour as a newly minted White House hopeful.

He was asked how he'd deal with illegal immigration and he told of how in Iowa he set up a "model communities" program with three towns to try to figure out a friendly solution. And among the issues was making sure residents didn't diss the culture of immigrants. Here's what he said:

"We also wanted to make sure that this discussion recognized that people cared deeply about their culture and their cultural heritage. Now, it's interesting for me because I'm an orphan and I don't know what my nationality is. But the way I eat, I think I'm Italian, though I'm probably not, but I love Italian food."

Maybe old Tomasso Vilsacci should change his blue and red campaign colors to green and red.