It's Not Maple Syrup Dean's Out Selling


His loudmouthed inside-the-beltway boors are still booing Democratic boss Howard Dean, despite the party's strong election showing, but they're eating him up like sweet Vermont maple syrup in Canada and overseas. Party bigs say the former Vermont guv is headed to Europe to cheer on liberal parties in England, Spain, and Portugal. His keynote address this month to Canada's beleaguered Liberal Party, fans say, was just a warm-up. Dean's message: Show folks like England's Laborites how to remake their top-down outfits into grassroots organizations just as he did at the Democratic National Committee. "A lot of these parties are where the Democrats were a few years ago," says an insider, "when there were people in the party who said, 'We have to be more like Republicans,' and others who said, 'We have to stand up for what we believe in.'"