See, Washington Whispers Works


We just got an E-mail from our old pal Jeff Gulko, one of New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson's biggest fans. See, he set up a website to promote Richardson for president, we wrote about it, and now he's telling us about how the little squib resulted in a rush to his site. The lesson: Let Whispers know if you're going national with a website to promote your favorite 2008 candidate. We'll keep a running list. Here's Gulko's note:


Good morning. Hope you are having a nice week. Wanted to send you some figures since you included my site in Washington Whispers. The results have been astonishing. Since that time, we have been able to identify folks in key states and are now running blogs which can be accessed through our site. Some of the groups include:

1. Colorado for Richardson

2. D.C. for Richardson

3. Florida for Richardson

4. Kentucky for Richardson

5. Maine for Richardson

6. Massachusetts for Richardson

7. Missouri for Richardson

8. New Mexico for Richardson

9. South Carolina for Richardson

10. Texas for Richardson

11. Virginia for Richardson

12. Washington for Richardson

We also have been able to identify folks in over 15 states to manage and coordinate Richardson meet ups. There are also plans for a grass-roots retreat sometime in January 2007. We had received on average between 80 and 100 hits a day to the article. Since that time, the average has gone to over 1,000 a day.